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Learning is a way of life

Arts and Science Academy of Canada has created an environment and a curriculum which inspires students to acquire a love for learning. Smaller class sizes, a personalized approach, a choice of specialized streams – all encourage our students to be the best. Learn here how we do it. Assessment Request

The Academy

Arts and Science Academy of Canada – ASAC – is the fuel that ignites creativity and imagination in children. Since it open its doors in 2004, ASAC has been empowering young (and very young!) artists from around the world through education, training, and professional opportunities.

The inspiration for ASAC came from the creative mind of Ms. Victoria Mironova – the artistic director and founder of Victoria Ballet Company and Victoria International Ballet Academy. In her drive to support classical and traditional arts in the community Ms. Mironova founded the company, and then the school, in order to raise new generations of international talent.

Since then ASAC has evolved into a full-fledged private school with a dedicated academic program that supports the professional art programs. The Academy has continued its expansion, first with the addition of a professional Fine Arts school and then with the opening of its Music and Vocal schools.

Each department of the Academy is led by talented educators who are also active professionals in their fields. The curriculum is carefully constructed to reflect the present and near future trends of each area of focus.

Our Philosophy

Arts and Science Academy of Canada was founded on the mandate of inspiring strength and resilience in all students. Our educational philosophy equally values students’ character, academic, and artistic development. Our nurturing environment helps students naturally develop discipline, self-management, and responsibility. Discipline and self-management are the foundations of confidence and success. Success is not achieved by chance; rather, it is built through dedication, determination, and hard-work. Our system of success goals focuses on constructing long-term targets that involve multiple steps that teach students how to overcome setbacks.

ASAC students learn how to turn constructive criticism and peer-feedback into steps on the road towards their success goals. We show students that success is consistently achieved through effort, strategy, and perseverance.

As students reach their goals, they learn that their success is a reward for what they had accomplished, and they are motivated to work even harder for their next goal. This principle is the foundation for our academic and artistic programs, and is the reason why our students are successful, and continue to succeed after they leave ASAC.

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  • Canada, 7 Bradwick Drive, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 2T4
  • (905) 707-7580

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  • Nancy. Mother talks

  • Peter Kent, Member of Parliament. Thornhill

  • Sandra Yeung Racco. Councillor of Vaughan. Canada

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Review for Michael C.

I cannot say enough about the way this school, the principal and the teachers interact with their students. We were more than pleased with the instruction in Classical Ballet that my child received. The activities as well as the time spent with the students off campus on the weekends were amazing. It was such a great experience for her. She felt a protective wing and a deep friendship with all there. I can nevere thank you all enough. You have helped her find a little more direction and self esteem and confidence. That is priceless. Many many thanks and feel free to give my phone number or address if anyone ever wants a personal reference or recommendation. I was impressed withy the way everything there is run and handled. Much thanks again. Connie Winner, USA.

Review for R. M.

All my three children, two daughters and son, have been studying at this school for few years. Maybe many schools can give good education, like at this school, but nowhere else you can find  such an environment where children feel so calm, happy, esteemed, work so hard in academic subjects not for good marks but because they like the subjects. They work hard, sweat, stretch, dance every day. Two of them learn ballet, contemporary dance and balleroom dancing. The youngest in in Kindergarten, she learns reading, arithmetics, ballet, art, music. All people can see that they are different in behavior, have good posture. I tell all my friends that they should bring their children to this school. I know that the value of education here is higher that we are charged for the tuition fee. And we participate in the life of the school by volonteering to make this place look even nicer. Because this is the second home for my children.    O. Petrov

Review for Michael C.

Exceptional ballet program for the serious aspiring professional. City Ballet SF School is by far the best program in the Bay Area. The teachers are professionals – very talented Dancers, Choreographers and Teachers. My daughter did a 4 week summer intensive. There were approximately 20 children in the class. We’ve been told by other parents that is common for students to stay a minimum of 2+ years at each level. The Teachers are wonderful coaches and care very much for the students. The students are very nice and supportive of one another.

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