Arts and Science Academy of Canada music division strives to ensure that every student will become and remain part of  a beautiful, creative, friendly  and very professional atmosphere. Our school invites students to study hard, to learn a lot, to get good results, and to love music. Not every child will become a musician, but everyone will forever cherish and enjoy the knowledge, skills and the sensitivity acquired while studying music. Music will always be an inherent part of who they are. band2 Teachers in our school are highly qualified musicians representing the Russian school of music. A teacher must have a very strong educational background including 7-8 years of music school, 4 years of  music college,  and a university degree (5 years). Our program contains all musical subjects (instrument playing, performing as a soloist and as an accompanist, theory, solfeggio, music history).  At Arts and Science Academy of Canada  students learn all this while at the same time learning their academic subjects such as Languages, World History, Math, Physics, Geography, etc.  We have a lot to share with our students; we teach them not only to play an instrument, but also about different genres, styles, history, etc. recorder ensemble2Every child is unique. Every child in our school gets his or her individual program adapted to their abilities, interests, and personality. Our music department works in close connection with The Royal Conservatory of Music of Canada, and our students participate in the RCM examination program. We teach piano, guitar, violin, flute and all theory subjects. For a free no-obligation assessment request please fill out the form and we will contact you to schedule the best time for you and your child. In September 2016 we will start our school Recorder Ensemble and Concert Band Orchestra under the expert direction of teacher and professional musicican, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Leader of Presidential Orchestra Maestro Mykola Stadnyk. We invite students of Grades 2-6 to join our Recorder Ensemble and Grades 6-12 to play in our Concert Band. The repertoire will include classical as well as popular and jazz pieces, such as William Tell Overture, Star Wars Theme, Pirates of the Caribean, Theme from Jupiter, etc. Together with Mr.Stadnyk each child will be able to choose an instrument of his/her dream (Concert Band includes clarinets, flutes, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, percussion) and will enjoy playing beautiful music with their friends in an ensemble.  Kids will not only master how to play instruments but will develop their artistic imagination and have fun. Both the Band and the Ensemble will take part in annual festivals (Kiwanis, MusicFest), concerts (Christmas), and will visit TSO rehersals and masterclasses. Classes will be provided twice a week.