Master of Fine Arts

A strong foundation in Fine Arts is the difference that leads to success in any creative field. This program prepares you for Design, Fashion, Animation, Marketing, Creative Directorship, and many other artistic professions.

Ensure Success.  Mastery of the Fine Arts requires time, dedication, and discipline. ASAC has created a unique program that provides students with as much as 3 hours per day (including extracurricular time) of practice and education. This unparallelled method is designed to bring students up to the level of the old masters. Assessment Request

Program Description

Students build up their skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and other fields as they explore the origins and history of art in the world. This program provides a strong focus on studio time and the development of technique and professional practices. Students uncover the secrets of the masters by closely studying the various schools of art around the world. Most programs of this type only have enough time to develop technique, study art history, or focus on personal creative freedom. ASAC allocates enough time for students to accomplish all three tasks. That’s the ASAC advantage.

Artistic Director: Evgeni Matoussov

Mr. Evgeni has been a practicing artist for 15 years. During his career he had exhibited and sold work in Russia, Canada, the United States, England, and Israel. His expertise is the result of a classical Russian School foundation, contemporary practice, and digital artwork. After graduating from OCADU in Toronto, Evgeni acquired his teaching degree at the University of Toronto. For the past 8 years Evgeni has been developing and perfecting the professional Fine Arts program for High School offered at ASAC.

Beyond High School, Your Future

The future can often appear distant. However, this is the time to start preparing for it. The stronger your foundations, the higher you will reach.

The creative industry today values skill and discipline above anything else. The first thing companies usually check is the portfolio – if your work is weak, it won’t matter how much experience you have. Results are what matters.

Below are some of the professions for which you will be prepared:

  • Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Concept Artist
  • 3D Modeller
  • Animator
  • Fashion Designer
  • Art Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Environmental Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Architect

Learn for SUCCESS.

We encourage students to look at the bigger picture – beyond the purely artistic practice. Skill and ability in traditional fine arts is a valuable and extremely rare resource in practically all creative fields. Our academic courses expose students to the supporting skills – business, marketing, computer software, and web development. In grade 12 students have already experienced many of these professions and are prepared to excel in college and university.


The Professional Fine Art School of the Victoria Ballet Company is currently accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year. All prospective students are required to submit a portfolio in order to demonstrate the required competency.

Students may choose to complete the regular academic program in order to obtain Ontario High School credits or an intensive one-year English Program provided by an independent school on our campus. For this purpose, the Arts and Science Academy of Canada requires students to submit a copy of their latest report card as an indicator of academic performance.

The yearly tuition fee is $19,000 and it covers both the Academic and Professional Fine Art programs. Successful applicants have the option of take only the Professional Fine Art program for a total of 2 high school credits per year. The tuition fee for this option is $9000 and it includes the extracurricular hours of instruction and training. Students may qualify for Scholarships and Bursaries based on achievements.

Experience our program for yourself during the Summer 2015 Art Immersion Program.

summer program


Local students are asked to attend one of the portfolio presentation dates at the school:

Please call to arrange a date.



Students who are unable to come to the academy in person are required to submit a digital portfolio. Please fill out the Contact us form so that we can provide you with all the details.