Pop music singing classes are offered at the academy by the Vocal School of Vaughan. This program was founded by two professional vocalists Larisa Dykhtan and PJ Bahramian in a joint effort to provide vocal training within our community.

The teachers at VSV have over 15 years of experience and provide the most modern vocal training to help singers achieve their vocal aspirations and goals. The Vocal Program focuses on ear training, group harmonies, lead singing, back-up singing, performance and stage presence. The vision for this Program is to develop confident, skillful performers through positive and exciting classes, where each participant has an opportunity to open up and strengthen their own abilities within a group setting.

Participants will learn what it takes to compete with the most powerful and admired singers often seen on shows such as Glee, Canada’s Got Talent and Canadian Idol.

PJ Bahramian, Program Director:

Growing up in Toronto, PJ formed his first rock band when he was only 12, and started getting his vocal training at the age of 15. PJ entered the Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood California in 2003. He learned all the ins and outs of the music industry, music theory, performance, songwriting and composing. Upon his graduation, PJ was offered a teaching position at MI and became one of the youngest teachers at the Institute. From 2003 to 2005 PJ worked as a host for a music show at a Los Angeles Persian Television Channel “ITN” and was featured in various commercials and music videos. PJ formed his existing band, Man the Destroyer, in 2004 and moved it to Toronto the same year. Man the Destroyer came a long way from being a garage band to performing all over Canada and the US with some of the biggest stars in the industry, including Blaze Bayley, former singer of Iron Maiden in 2011. Now back in his home town, this well seasoned singer would like to bring his knowledge and experience to your children.

Please sign up by calling 905-707-7580 or fill in the assessment request form: Assessment Request