COVID- 19 Health and Safety Measures

COVID- 19 Health and Safety Measures

In order to facilitate the safest possible return to our building, a number of precautions have been set in place. 

With our very low student-to-teacher ratio, maintaining a reasonable distance is much easier for us than larger schools. Nonetheless, we would like to share with you some of our new health and safety protocols for the coming year.  


  • Day school students will enter through Entrance #1 (main school entrance). 
  • We expect students to be dropped off on time. 8:00 AM our doors will be open for check-in. 
  • Students must wear a mask while checking in. 
  • A supervisor will take the students’ temperature, and will fill out a short health assessment. 
  • Students will have a designated area to leave their belongings. 
  • Students will have a designated classroom area, washroom area, and dance studio area. 
  • Students must wear a mask in the common areas of the school, for example, during classroom changes, hallways, and change room areas. 
  • Students will be allowed to take their masks off during any physical activity, and outdoor activities, but will remain distanced from other students. 
  • The students will be spaced out within their classrooms and in the ballet studio area at least 2M.
  • When students are seated (at distanced desks) they may take off their mask 
  • When students have combined classes they are expected to wear their masks (except for physical activities, in which case they are all distanced at least 2M apart at all times).
  • Visitors and parents are not permitted to enter the building at this time without an appointment. 
  • We ask that students refrain from sharing their personal belongings (such as food, clothing, etc) at school at this time. 
  • Day school students should be picked up from the main entrance at the end of the day. We ask parents not to linger while picking up their children at the end of the day. You may enter the building (only from Entrance #1) to let your child know you are here and then leave immediately and wait outside until your child has gathered all belongings and exits the school independently.

We ask that students arrive on time for school as check-in will close promptly at 9 AM. We ask that parents are punctual for picking up their children after the end of the school day at 3:30 PM or 4:30 PM depending on the weekly class schedule. If you need to arrange late pick up (after 5 PM), this can be arranged. To speak with the administration, please book your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. When coming in for meetings we ask that you wear a mask. 

Above all, please reinforce with your children the necessity of regular and proper hand-washing,  sanitizing, and social-distancing throughout the day.

*Kindergarten students will not be required to wear masks during their lessons and throughout the day.