Little Ballet Stars

During this 50 minute to 1 hr. class for children from 2 and a half to 4 years of age, children will learn to independently remain in a class setting where their ballet teacher is the centre of attention.  They learn to focus, understand and follow the simple instructions provided.  During this class children are physically active at all times, they run, jump, turn and follow all actions as explained by the teacher. They develop basic and important learning skills such as concentration, discipline, and memory as they learn specific exercise sequences.


In What Other Ways does this Program Benefit Children


PHYSICALLY: Ballet movements will start strengthening their muscles and preparing their joints and whole bodies for all types of physical activity, at the same time that they gain physical endurance.


SOCIALLY: Even the shyest children eventually ease into the class routine and adapt to their peers and teacher, thus forming the foundations of sound social interactions in all aspects of life.


MENTALLY: Dancers are among the professionals with the best spatial awareness, which in this case is the relationship of the child with the things that surround them. Children improve their locomotion and coordination during ballet class.


And let’s not forget that all this takes place as they are having a good time with interactive games that help develop team work and make it all seem plain fun.


After the first 6 or 7 sessions of the program we encourage parents to enroll their children until the end of the ballet term (June), or, if they feel the child is not yet ready for that, they may continue in this introductory program for one or more terms throughout the year.