High school

Canadian and international students graduate from the Academy with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma which provides them with the opportunity to continue university or a college education. Academic subjects are taught concurrently with an artistic subject of their choice: ballet, music, vocal, and/or visual arts. A high level of mentorship and engagement in the learning and artistic training process provide students with the optimal environment to acquire important life skills.

High school can be a difficult time for students, the volume of information increases exponentially compared to previous years and the expectations are suddenly serious and much higher. Those students that complete primary school at  Arts and Science Academy of Canada find little difference from their normal routine – they are prepared well for the rigorous demands of high school. Those students who attend our Academy starting in high school soon learn the Academy’s style of learning and integrate fully to the environment of hard work after learning about discipline and joy in their personal achievements. Our programs are fully compliant with  the province of Ontario’s High School Curriculum for all courses.

All of our teachers are not only experts in their fields, some are also lecturers at universities and know about the requirements for new university students – our curriculum is designed to help students be ready and excel from the very first day at a higher education establishment, be it in Canada, USA, Europe, or anywhere else in the World.