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Only Our School Offers Complete Immersion in The World of Arts from Academic Studies to Stage Performances and Exhibitions

What makes Arts and Science Academy of Canada such a unique international school?

What makes any great school? Valuable traditions of the best educational systems, teachers that bring their professional experience and knowledge from the world’s best educational institutions, and concurrently taught academic and artistic subjects

And we’re not done yet! In addition to ballet, visual arts, music, and vocal, students gain the opportunity to remain immersed within the world of arts as they complete their academic courses. The discipline and determination they carry throughout their school years paves their way to North America’s and Europe’s top universities.

Why Choose Canada?

Canada – and particularly Ontario – is home to one of the most esteemed educational systems in the world. Our secondary school diploma is held in high regard everywhere. And, of course, we are one of the safest destinations for international students.

Take this opportunity to follow your dream with the world’s top teachers, gain one of the mostly highly regarded secondary school diplomas, study English, and enjoy the warm and safe hospitality. This is why Canada is the right choice.

Why Choose Arts and Science Academy of Canada?

The academy provides a warm atmosphere (even during the Canadian winter!) for all of our students. By providing a homely atmosphere we make international boarding easier and more pleasant for our students.

We offer partial and full scholarships to outstanding candidates because we know that dreams sometimes need help to come true. Speaking of dreams, our students regularly perform at well-known stages in Toronto – this kind of experience is absolutely invaluable.

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Once they graduate, students of the Academy always stay in touch with their friends and mentors. Many ballet graduates come back to perform in our productions and others come to visit while working for different ballet companies.

YOU can be accepted to the 2019/2020 professional ballet, music, art, or vocal program!

Not sure if you qualify?

Try our summer intensive – Successful completion of the three-week program is considered your audition for the professional ballet program.

Homestay Program

Foreign and out of province students can stay at our school dormitory or take part in our homestay program with families of students of the academy. We provide transportation to and from the school. All academic and ballet classes are conducted on the campus of the academy from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and from 12 to 3 pm on Sundays (choreography subjects only). Students may attend additional ballet, character dance, and stretching classes in the evenings.

Students have a one-week break every two months, and a two-week Christmas break. Students in the Homestay Program are supervised at all times, except during their leisure time and school breaks.

Canadian Secondary School Education

Foreign and out of province students can earn the Secondary School Diploma of the province of Ontario, Canada. This Diploma opens the opportunity to enter universities and colleges of Canada, USA, as well as many European and Asian countries. It is one of the most highly esteemed and respected high school diplomas worldwide.

To earn the Diploma from the Ministry of Education, a student must achieve certain criteria in academic and artistic fields of education.

  • A student must earn 30 credits during 4 years of secondary school studies.
  • Each credit requires 110 hours of instructions in each subject of study.
  • Credits that have been earned in the country of origin of the student may count towards the 30 necessary credits. The following subjects are compulsory for the Diploma:
    • 4 credits in English
    • 3 in Mathematics
    • 2 in Science
    • 1 in History
    • 1 in Geography
    • 1 in the Arts (such as ballet and others)
    • 1 in Health and Physical Education
    • 1 in French as a second language
    • 0.5 in Career Studies and 0.5 in Civics.

There are additional credits that students can choose for their education, among them: arts (Ballet, Visual Arts, Music and others), foreign languages (for example, Japanese, Spanish, Russian), Business, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History and more.

The above optional credits are divided into 3 groups. The full rules can be seen on the website of the Ministry of Education

English Language for Foreign Students

Canada is home to tens of thousands of students from countries all around the world. Many of them come to Canada to learn English. Our educational system accommodates students who have limited command of the English Language. The educational program for foreign students whose first language is not English is designed to immerse students in a stress-free English environment. ASAC offers an intensive English study course for those interested. These rules instruct schools how to accommodate foreign students in ESL programs.


The combined academic and ballet school tuition fee for non-Canadian residents is 19,000 CAD per year. Scholarships or financial assistance may be granted to certain students at the sole discretion of the academy. The boarding or home-stay fee is $1,350 CAD per month, this fee also includes transportation to and from the school and 3 meals per day.


As the first step, an assessment (audition) of the student’s physical and creative potential needs to be scheduled. Local students must take an auditioning class. Out-of-country and out of province students are invited to send a video of their ballet class conducted by a ballet teacher. You can call us at 905-707-7580 or email us at You can write in your own language. We will contact you as soon as possible.


The Canadian Government provides visas (Study Permits) to young people who are accepted to Canadian educational institutions. Students who successfully audition for Victoria International Ballet Academy and enroll to study at the school obtain a Letter of Enrollment and all the necessary documents in order to apply for their Study Permit. Once the Study Permit is received students can then plan their trip.  The arrival airport is Toronto Pearson International Airport, where our representatives meet the arriving students and bring them to their homestay.


Students who graduate from our school, may continue their university or college studies in Canada or another country. Those who stay in Canada may obtain a permit to work on campus of their university or college, and later apply for permanent resident status in Canada. Our graduates who obtain the Artist of Ballet Diploma, may be invited to join Victoria Ballet Company ( as ballet dancers.

Victoria International Ballet Academy is inspected by the Ministry of Education of the province of Ontario as Arts and Science Academy of Canada. Ontario school number 667420.